Thursday, April 2, 2015

When choosing a taxi service

Stanka Hricová the famous photographer told: „When choosing a taxi service references are my priority.“

Stanislava Hricová the fashion photographer is well known (not only) in Slovakia thanks to her photographic art. There are more than fifty cover pages of magazines on her account, beautiful photos in five cookbooks-bestsellers and she makes photos regularly of the most famous Slovak celebrities, including singer Mária Čírová, actress Zuzka Fialová or speaker Martin „Pyco“ Rausch. It is no wonder that the work experience, the unique work style as well as her inherent talent classified her within the Slovak photographic elite.

stanka hricova

Stanka is an artist who devotes herself body and soul to art and her biggest hobby is, except photography, also travelling. Except our capital city this native of Banská Bystrica has experienced also life in Ukraine, Greece and currently she lives together with her boyfriend in Switzerland. However, due to work duties and family connections she travels regularly to Slovakia, while using taxi as transportation means from/to the airport very often. Due to this we asked her a few thematic questions.

Stanka you use taxi services quite often with respect to your work and current residence. What is your priority when choosing a taxi service?

I have to admit that it is the reference that matters the most to me. But nowadays this is the case nearly in every field of work. I also acquire a lot of clients based on references. Taking care about the customer should not be underestimated and one should particularly not forget that a bad promotion is spread much faster than the good one. (laughter)
What is important to you when choosing a taxi service?

It is clearly the quality service, ACCURACY, comfort and of course, the price. It is inadmissible that I sit in a taxi cab that smells with cigarette smoke and I have to constantly fear that the cab will break somewhere on the road. Comfortable transport always on time, clearness and possibility to order transport in advance – this is what I consider a huge benefit.

What can make you distracted, on contrary?

It happened a few times in the past that the taxi I called was a few minutes late and due to that I was also late to my appointment. Of course, nothing like price discounts or apologises from the taxi driver were offered. This can make me really irritated. I am annoyed also when I am not able to catch a taxi. Fortunately, the services of the majority of taxi companies, including Bratislava Airport Taxi can be ordered in advance what is, considering my hectic lifestyle, a really big benefit.

Photo source: Archive Stanislava Hricová