Monday, November 11, 2019

Charming Bratislava before Christmas

The aroma of hot mulled wine, Christmas punch, potato pancakes, liver or typical lokshe... Who can resist the Slovak metropolis during Advent? It´s enough if you dress up warmly and you can start your quest for pre-Christmas temptations. Bratislava offers much more than only traditional markets.

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Hviezdoslav Square

The square in front of the old building of the Slovak National Theatre lighted up the Christmas decorations among the first ones. Except of stands with typical Slovak delicacies and beautiful handicraft products the ice rink that is kind to all age and quality categories is also a big attraction. You do not have to hesitate even if you are an absolute beginner. You can hire ice skates for a small fee and you can enjoy great moments in a way you will not forget easily. Entrance to the ice rink is free.

Main Square

After the 23rd November you will experience here high concentration of lovers of roasted sausages, roasted pork, bread with fat and onions, lokshe, spit cake „trdelník“, cabbage soup, grog, mead, wafers and small biscuits. Together with the adjacent Františkánsky square, the Main square is not only the target of shopping, but it is a place extremely popular for friendly meetings. All together there are 99 stands on the square above which reins a 14-metres high lit Christmas tree and walking around the home-made products is made enjoyable by performance of folk groups, folk music and choirs. The International Festival of Christmas and Advent Music will be organized here at the beginning of December and right on Saint Nicholas day St. Nicholas will arrive with the angel and devil who will distribute a lot of goodies among the youngest ones.

Further Advent nooks

You can feel Christmas in Bratislava in every step. The Primatial Square, the Courtyard of the Old Town Hall, the Courtyard of the Bratislava castle or Eurovea are not lagging behind. Everywhere you can see products of glass, leather, wicker, husk, beeswax, textile or ceramics.

Danube embankment

If you feel like taking a rest from the crowds of people between the Christmas stands, you do not have to go far. Just turn towards Danube and take a walk with the view on its calm flow. You can warm up with a good coffee in River Park or in Zuckermandl. By the way, there is a spectacular fireworks right above the Danube at midnight on the last day of the year which you can see even if you decide to celebrate the New Year 2019 in the centre of the city surrounded by a rich cultural programme.

Even bigger calmness, than you expected

In case you pick up a desire to stay calm, we definitely recommend Mountain park (Horský park) that is only a few minutes from the centre of the city, or the park forest, where you can get by cableway between Železná studnička and Kamzík. If you are lucky and Bratislava greats you in white, try some sledging on Koliba. If you feel like doing something more modest, visit the comfortable alcoves in the Janko Kráľ garden that is only a jump from the city centre.

Culture and art with the taste of Christmas

Do you plan to stay longer in the capital of Slovakia? Then you will definitely be delighted to spend an evening on any of the theatre, opera or ballet performances or chamber or symphonic concerts. The Slovak Philharmonics and the Slovak National Theatre offer a rich programme. Not talking about museums and galleries. Afterwards, you can balance out the food for you soul with the food for your body. There are plenty of restaurants in the centre of the city from which you will surely take away a very positive gastronomic experience. And so that you can indulge yourself fully in pleasures, leave the transport to Bratislava on us. It is always warm and cosy in our limousines.