Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What to remember when travelling with Bratislava Airport Taxi

The airport taxi transfers belong among the popular transportation ways of people. Their benefit is comfortable and quick travel from point A to point B. People who have to travel to their workplace use this form of transport regularly what made it become the part of their business but also their private life. It doesn´t matter whether you are a stable or occasional customer of taxi services, it is important that you remember certain facts and rules connected with this transportation type. In the following lines we will outline what is good to remember when travelling with our company. 

bratislava airport taxi

Think of the time reserve

Before sending your booking from our web page Bratislava­Airport­Taxi.com, bear in mind a sufficient time reserve. We recommend to develop a timetable of your trip. If you cannot afford any delay and you need to be on the place strictly on time, you need to think also of possible traffic restrictions that can extend the time of transport what can cause that you may not get to the place of meeting on time. Our drivers drive safely, they observe the traffic regulations and they do not exceed the maximum speed limits. Should it happen that you are going to be late for the meeting with the driver due to any reasons, please, let us know about it on our telephone line: +421 903 853 359.

Be friendly to the interior of the car

Let your luggage and suitcases be loaded in the car always by our drivers in order not to cause any damage to the car by accident. If you travel with children take care that they do not damage the interior of the car with toys and that they do not disturb the driver during the trip with excessive noise. If you travel with your pet, please, keep it in a transport cage.

Bear in mind that other people will travel in the car after you. Smoking and food consumption in the car is prohibited for this reason.

Check your personal things

When entering the vehicle, please, check that you have all your personal things with you, as e.g.: your personal documents, tickets, reservation papers from the hotel. You can save time and money with an early check. Bratislava­Airport­Taxi.com wishes you a pleasant journey.

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