Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Luxury cars in our car fleet

We do care about how you feel in our cars and we want your trip to be safe and comfortable. Your satisfaction with the services, safety and comfort are our main priorities. This is the reason why we in Bratislava Airport Taxi drive only in quality, modern and luxury cars. Our car fleet was extended by new Mercedes E-class cars. We hope that our clients will appreciate the overall quality of the journey we offer.

bratislava airport taxi

We offer safety in luxury and modern car

The research of new safety technologies is the field that drives the engineers of Mercedes-Benz towards maximum performance. Thus Mercedes offers a comprehensive Safety Concept which edges their cars ever closer to the vision of accident-free driving. The aim of the individual safety systems is to contribute to a safer journey itself and to assist the passengers in dangerous situations. As the safety of the passengers is our priority we know that the car itself cannot provide it. That is the reason why the professionalism and reliability of our drivers is so much important for us.

We offer convenience and comfort

One of the nice features of a new car is the large space at the rear part of the vehicle and comfortable adjustable seats with armrests what is valued by our customers especially during longer trips. When it is hot outside comfortable temperature is managed by automatic climate control, however, on contrary, a car nicely heated inside will be waiting for you in winter time. The reduced engine noise secures good audibility during communication in the interior or relax when listening to the music from the quality audio system.

Bratislava Airport Taxi offers:

  • professional transportation services 
  • fixed prices without hidden fees
  • 24/7 private airport transport
  • professional drivers and modern luxury cars
We provide transfers from the airport in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna and Budapest.